Saturday, February 22, 2020

Planters' Punch - Tree Planting Album

I just realized that although I shared the music from Planters' Punch several years ago (on, I didn't really give any background history about the album.

This music was recorded by various planters, and the CD was released at some point in the 1990's (possibly 1997).  I can't remember which year since I left my copy of the CD out in Prince George.  Anyway, Michael Mloszewski gave it to me years ago and suggested that it should be shared with a wider audience of planters and friends.  Michael has passed away since then, but you can Click Here for more information about him.

I've uploaded each of the tracks individually and put them into separate threads in the Music section of the Replant forums.  An even easier way to download them would be this:
1.  Go to my public Dropbox folder:
2.  Go into the "Canadian Reforestation" folder.
3.  Go into the "Planting Music" sub-folder.
4.  Go into the "Planters' Punch" sub-folder.
5.  You can either pick MP3's to download (good quality 320 kbps, smaller file size) or FLAC files (uncompressed audio, larger files).

If you're able to uncompress RAR archives, either of these downloads would be a slightly faster way to grab the entire compilation:

Finally, here are the links to all the tracks on Soundcloud.  These are the MP3 versions, and you can download the songs individually from these Soundcloud links (as an alternative to going to my public Dropbox folder).

To discover other free tree-planting themed music, visit:

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