Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Avicii - Penguin (Sadoway & Bolivia's Dubstep Remix)

When I travelled to Antarctica last November, I ended up taking a lot of photos, which have already been seen by tens of thousands of people at this point. But I also took a lot of video footage, which I hadn't had time to play with until recently. Earlier this spring, I was trying to figure out a way to make it interesting, and thought it would be good background footage for a remix or an original track. And with the recently popularity of a track called "Penguin" by Avicii (Tim Bergling, who has also produced tracks such as "Seek Bromance" under the name Tim Berg), I thought this would be a perfect fit for a remix and video.

James Sadoway is a really talented producer and friend of mine that I met a few years ago through a mutual friend in Vancouver, Shawn Cole. When I talked to him about some ideas a few weeks ago, he said that he'd be interested in working together. I started by laying out a bit of basic work on the track and video, and visited him in Edmonton, and we decided to make the effort to finish putting it together. He's the expert at dubstep (as you can see from his SoundCloud page at soundcloud.com/james-sadoway), and he took my initial layout in an entirely new direction that I liked.

Anyway, here's the result, which you can listen to here via SoundCloud, or view on YouTube:

The trip to Antarctica was pretty interesting, and I wrote about it at this link back in the winter. There is a bit of background on the trip, links to hundreds of good photos, and download links for a few DJ sets that I played during the trip. I've got shows booked in a few interesting place this winter (Australia, Beijing) but it will be hard to top that trip.

By the way, if any established dubstep producers are interested in working with James, his email is sadoway at gmail.com.