Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Subterranean Homesick Grooves

I just put together a new DJ mix earlier this week, which is now available on my website and MySpace page. Sadly, it's the first mix that I've done in, oh, about a year and a half.

Actually, that's a bit of a misrepresentation. I put this mix together at the end of last summer, around August 24th. I was almost finished and about to put it online, but then I suddenly got distracted with my bar moving into a new building, and the constant headaches and 18-hour days for the next couple of months kept me from getting around to spending the last hour that I needed or so to put it online. Anyway, I just remembered it recently, so I re-recorded it on Tuesday morning to tidy it up, and now it's done. I also kind of regret using the "Looking At The Stars" title for my last mix. Considering the "stars" and "angels" themes of some of the songs on this mix, the titles should have been reversed for my last two mixes. Oh well, too late now - I didn't realize when recording "Looking At The Stars" that there would be several great star-themed songs coming through the pipeline so quickly.

The mix is not the type of music that I'd play in a club, yet it is a great mix of electronica tracks to listen to in your car or warming up for a party. None of these tracks are particularly new (obviously, they're all from the summer of 2008 or slightly earlier) but I found a really good group to mix together. There are several tracks on this mix with female vocals that just blow me away.

Here's a track listing:

01. Solarstone, "Rain Stars Eternal" [Original Mix].
02. High Torque, "Sparks" [Original Mix].
03. Morgan Page feat Norah Jones, "Angels" [Morgan Page Remix].
04. Boza, "Twisted Mind" [Alex Celler Tech Dub].
05. Cream Sound, "Always" [Stereotip Edit].
06. Python, "Expectation" [4Mal Premonition Remix].
07. R-Tem, "Cloud Of Sound" [Natlife Nu School Remix].
08. Kenshin, "Afraid."
09. Bolivia feat Mike Allison, "When I Grow Old" [Prince Avitar Electro Aftershow Vocal Mix].
10. Section 75 feat Penny, "Locked Heart" [Lynx Remix].

If I had to pick a favorite track from this mix, I couldn't. Maybe "Twisted Mind" or "Angels," but it's so hard to choose because there are so many good ones. Also, this is the notably the first time that I've ever put one of the songs that I've written myself onto one of my mixes - that needs to start happening a lot more later this year.

Anyway, thanks to the headaches at my bar, I've been pretty delinquent when it comes to music lately, however, I'm going to try to fix that in the next few weeks. I've got shows in Moncton & Saint John coming up in a week and a half, then two or three shows in Seattle the following week, then I'm on a bill with DJ Dan in early March. I also hope to get a few more mixes together this spring, before the summer hits. And of course, now that I have more time to catch up on my life, I have a backlog of other projects that I want to tackle in the coming weeks, including some long overdue video promos for DJ's such as Dave Dresden, Josh Gabriel, & Heavygrinder.

Anyway, my apologizes to Bob Dylan, and I hope you enjoy some Subterranean Homesick Grooves ...