Sunday, January 11, 2015

Summer 2014 Planting Memories Video

Every summer, I take a video camera with me out tree planting. I don't have a lot of time for filming, but I do generally get to use it occasionally and get three or four hours of footage. And then, after the season is over, I boil that down into three or four minutes of some of the best clips, and turn that into a "Summer Memories" video for, my planting website. I got distracted with other projects for a while this winter, but I recently finished the 2014 video.

Here's a link to the video:

I want to thank Jasmin Frederickson (of Chicken-Like Birds) for providing vocals for the backing track that I wrote, "Time To Plant Some Trees."  If you want to download this song, you can get it from SoundCloud as a free download:

You can find out more about Jasmin at these two sites:

Here are the full lyrics to the music.  I wrote it in C, but this version is performed in E.

“Time To Plant Some Trees” – by Jonathan Clark

Tempo 106bpm, C major, 4/4 time

Chords as follows (I’m writing a chord change every HALF bar here)
  Intro:  C  C  C  C
  Verse:  C  G  Am  Am  F  F  C  G  x 2
               Am  Am  Em  Em  F  F  C  G  x 2
  Chorus:  F  G  C  C
  Bridge:  G  G  F  F  C  C  C  C 
                 G  G  F  F  Am  Am  G  G 
  (single line of chorus repeats four times at end)

Verse 1:

Weary eyed, fumblin’ out of bed
there’s a Chill in my tent, this morning
Check the sky, with a sense of dread
feel relief, I don’t see clouds or storming

Stumble to the mess tent, and make a hasty lunch
the Block treats look quite tasty, I wanna grab a bunch
Steph is laughing in the kitchen, Haley’s making bread
this Heaping plate of food will get me through the day ahead

It’s, almost, time to plant some trees

Verse 2:

No camp meeting, so I go to the truck
“Boots bag shovel water lunch” is my rhyme
the Drive to the block, is, good we don’t get stuck
we Stop and park, the foreman says, it’s tailgate meeting time

the Block today is pretty big, we’ve got to get ‘er done
let’s Work real hard ‘cause staying late, it wouldn’t be much fun
if Everybody plants 2k, that should be enough
Watch for J-roots, close your holes, and don’t plant trees in duff

Bag, up, it’s time to plant some trees


Every day I dream about
the Things I’d rather do
but Working in the city has its
Disadvantages too

Verse 3:

This was day three, tomorrow is day four
Last, day, of the shift, then we’ll have time to rest
Dinner’s over, I am tired and sore
it’s Eight o’clock and I need sleep, I start to get undressed

Planting trees is pretty tough,
the Days are long, the blocks are rough
Swear that this year is my last, but
I know that,  I will be back

Let’s, go, it’s time to plant some trees
Give, me, a creamy section please
Flat, land, easy on the knees
It, is, time to plant some trees

Words and music Copyright 2014, Jonathan Clark.


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