Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Rite Of Passage (Tree Planting Photo Book)

I've just recently released a coffee-table style photo book, featuring around 200 pages of full-colour photos of tree planting.  The photos are intended to convey, in mostly visual terms, what is entailed in a summer season of tree planting based out of a remote tent camp.  The print edition is $38.95 and the digital editions are only $3.99.

If you've never planted before, this publication will give you a good visual understanding of what is involved with a job planting trees.  If you've struggled to figure out how to show your parents or family exactly what it is that you do, this would be an ideal way for them to learn, with both photos and short explanations.

The book shows photos of several dozen of the planters that I've been lucky enough to work with over the past two years.  I also have a lot of photos of the blocks, the camps, and the equipment that we use.  All the photos were taken in the Interior of western Canada.


There are two print editions of this book available (softcover and hardcover).  There are also various digital editions at very attractive prices.  Here's a link to the print editions on Amazon's Canadian website:

  Full-Colour Softcover ($38.95 Cdn): 
  Full-Colour Hardcover (about $70):

And here are links to digital eBook versions:
  Kindle Store ($3.99 Cdn):
  Apple Books ($3.99 Cdn):
  Google Play ($3.99 Cdn):
    (In Google Books, you may have to change the setting from "Flowing Text" to "Original Pages" on some devices in order for the content to display correctly). 

For those who are on a tight budget, and for those who prefer looking at black & white photos, there's a greyscale edition of this book available.  It is priced very affordably at $14.95 Cdn, and it has all the same photos as the other versions (but in black & white)

Incidentally, I have a separate photo book specifically devoted to coastal tree planting.  The title of that book is, From Our Footsteps, Giant Forests Grow.  Also, don't confuse either of my photo books with Step By Step: A Tree Planter's Handbook, which is yet another book that is used throughout Canada as a training and reference manual for new tree planters.  There are videos to describe each of those separate books at the bottom of this post.

Thanks for your interest!  For more information about books related to tree planting, visit:

Front cover, Softcover Paperback edition:

Back cover, Softcover Paperback edition:

Front cover, Hardcover edition:

Back cover, Hardcover edition:

Front cover, Greyscale Paperback edition:

To visit the author's website, go to:

Other Tree Planting Books by Jonathan Clark:

Step By Step:  A Tree Planter's Handbook
(comprehensive training guide and reference manual)

From Our Footsteps, Giant Forests Grow
(photo book based upon BC coastal planting projects)

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