Friday, March 02, 2018

Minimizing MSI's for Tree Planters

The Western Forestry Contractors' Association (WFCA), in conjunction with Total Physio (a company based out of Houston, BC), has put together some resources to assist tree planters with Musculo-Skeletal Injuries (MSI's).

Note: A new fifth video has been added to this post on February 16th, 2019.

The information, which is shared on this page, originally came from the Total Physio website.  These resources may be freely shared among the Canadian tree planting community, thanks to permission from the WFCA.

To make things simple, I'm presenting five specific videos here.  The Total Physio website also contains a significantly more handouts, taping guides, and posters.  Although you can view or download those resources in low resolution on the Total Physio website, I've obtained full-resolution versions from the WFCA, and I've put them into a Dropbox folder where anyone (even if you don't have a Dropbox account) can easily view and download them.

To find them on the Dropbox folder, start by going to this link:

That link takes you to my public Dropbox folder (which was originally set up for my DJ'ing account).  From there, go into the "Canadian Reforestation" folder, and then go into the "WFCA" folder.  In there, you'll see all five of the posters, both of the taping guides, and all six of the handouts (all as high-resolution versions).

My coastal crew has been using the "Self Taping Instructions for Shovel Side Tendonitis" since the start of our spring 2018 season, and the results have been amazing.  People who have regularly suffered from early-season tendo for the past several years have been trouble-free this year.  It really seems to work.  I strongly encourage planters to pay attention to this preventative measure.

The Videos

Video Links en Francais:

La Prevention Des Malaises Au Bas Du Dos Pour Les Planteurs D'Arbre

La Prevention De La Tendinite Pour Les Planteurs D'Arbre

La Prevention Des Blessures Du Cou Et Du Haut Dos Pour Les Planteurs D'Arbre



Here are the low-resolution posters that Total Physio has provided, for reference.  Again, if you're going to print them, you should definitely grab the high-resolution copies from my Dropbox account, as described above.

Taping Guides

High resolution versions can be found in the Dropbox folder.


High resolution versions can be found in the Dropbox folder.

For more information about tree planting and reforestation in Canada, download a free copy of "Step By Step, A Tree Planter's Handbook" from this link:



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